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PCBA Functional Testing

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PCBA Testing
As a one-stop PCB assembly service factory, we offer complete box build assembly. If you choose us as your contract assembly vendor. You will be guaranteed quality with our aging testing and functional testing. In Faisemi PCBA, you can have 8-24 hours aging testing service and function testing for both hardware and software.

Aging testing
Why do electronic products need an aging test? With the fast development of modern technology, electronic manufacturing is more and more developed and there are millions of electronic products from industry use to consumer use. Due to much more complicated and diversified functions being needed, the inner structure and manufacturing procedure of a product get very subtle and complex. These lead to latent defects throughout the whole manufacturing process inevitably.To ensure the finished product’s performance and stability of quality, aging test becomes vital.The aging test is to imitate the normal application scene of a product under the setting conditions. Both the components and the finished products require aging test.

Function testing
Faisemi offers functional testing with its turn-key assembly services, this helps you reduce the entire projects period time. After the PCBA AOI & X-ray inspections finish, function testing can avoid assembly issues including PCB open & shorts circuits, missing components or the incorrect parts. This makes sure that the final products delivered to customers are qualified and stable. When we confirm you the shipment with 100% working products, you can wait for the goods arrival and continue your next step without the anxiety of unknown defective ratio.
To have function testing depends on our customers requirement, we will work together with your engineer to implement functional testing details such as test scope and instructions, test jig design. Our engineer will analysis your PCBA projects and offer some suggestion if you have no idea how to make effective function testing. Normally the testing result can be collected by a computer or recorded manually. If the PCBA board does not pass the testing, repair engineer will check the failure cause and fix it.

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