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Faisemi Electronics is a high-quality electronic manufacturing service manufacturer in China.We offers one-stop PCB assembly service which including Components Souring,PCB Manufacturing,PCB Assembly,box build assembly and testing etc.We have successfully serviced customers from USA, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Brazil and other regions of the world. Market sectors covers Communications, Energy, Security, Medical, Industrial, Automotive electronics and Smart home projects.

Components Sourcing
"Quality and Credit Come First" is our business principle.We have a Supplier Quality Engineering(SQE) team who audits and surveys to ensure that all suppliers are meeting our business requirements. The SQE is in charge of components supplier quality control, components qualification and internal technical support. We also do the IQC inspection and the components IQC process controls the components being used correctly.

PCB Manufacturing
Faisemi is dedicated to providing High-tech PCB products which including FR4 PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs,Multilayer PCBs (up to 40layers), Gold Finger PCBs and Rogers PCBs.and we offer a wide range of useful cost options to ensure our customers always get the best products.

PCB Assembly
Faisemi provides PCBA assembly, low to medium MASS production volume. Our professional SMT factory has advanced equipment, such as the world-class stencil printing, SMT chip pick & place, solder reflow, and in-line testing and steel mesh manufacturing. AOI test machine and X-ray testing machines for quality check.